Getting Started

TexLab is a cross-platform implementation of the Language Server Protocol for the LaTeX typesetting system. It aims to produce high quality code completion results by indexing your used packages as you type.


For TexLab to work correctly, you will need to install:

Note: Please make sure that both dependencies are in your PATH environment variable. If you use MikTeX, then ensure that kpsewhich is installed.

Supported Editors

The server is designed to be independent of the editor. It can be used with any editor that implements the Language Server Protocol. We currently only provide an extension for Visual Studio Code. Please see the download page for installation instructions.


After installing an editor extension, you can simply start editing LaTeX files. All editing features work out-of-the-box over all files in the currently opened workspace.

Note: The completion results will improve over time because the server needs to build a cache of the indexed packages first.

Documents can be built by invoking the command or by enabling the feature. Hanging builds can be aborted with the command. By default, latexmk is used as build system. You can customize this by changing the settings in the section.